Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to Eat a Brisket Sandwich

Do you remember those "How To" paragraphs/stories we had to write in elementary school? You know the ones - you had to use "first", "then", "last"... to tell how to do something. I remember one time we were able to pick a topic and I chose "how to make a tuna fish sandwich". Somewhere in the middle I got confused and added bread crumbs instead of relish because I was thinking about how to make meatballs or something like that. I know how to make both tuna fish and meatballs and don't need the "how to" story anymore! Aren't you proud of me. ;)
Last Saturday Mackenzie and I visited my grandparents and had brisket sandwiches for lunch. Below is Mackenzie's "How to eat a Brisket Sandwich" if she could speak and if she could write and if she cared.

"First, you unfold the piece of bread Momma folded to create the sandwich. Next, you eat the pickles one by one. Then, you eat each piece of brisket one by one. After eating the brisket you hold the bread up to your mouth so you can lick the mayonnaise off. Finally, you eat the bread after Momma folds it back up and wipes the mayonnaise off your nose."

I will do my best to never complain about what Mackenzie eats since I'm pretty sure she eats a better variety of foods than I do. Last Friday and Saturday she ate: a roast beef sandwich, bbq chicken, brisket sandwich, and a spinach & chicken quesadilla, plus all the sides! She will try most anything and usually likes it. The only time she spits food out is typically because she thinks it's hot. Let me emphasise the "she thinks it's hot". Most of the time is luke warm and she still blows on it and thinks its hot. Although, this last Sunday I gave her a bite of a fried pickle and once she started chewing, she felt the hot juices and out came the pickle. I was sure she wouldn't try a pickle again after it being hot, but once the pickles cooled for a while she had no problem finishing off the appetizer!

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