Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First Haircut

Saturday morning, I finally broke down and took Mackenzie to get a haircut! Her hair had been mullet-ish for quite some time and it was time to let it go! ;) She wouldn't let me take a before picture, so below are pictures from the last month showing the mullet. The pictures don't actually make it look that bad, but that's the best I can show you.

We went here and they were great. She freaked out when they sat her down in the kid seat and then freaked out even more when they put the cape on her, so I had to hold her in my lap while they cut here hair. Because of this, my camera sat in my purse untouched and there are no pictures of the actual cutting of the hair!

Although it was the same price that Brandon pays for his haircut, they had a DVD on to keep her attention, they saved a locket of hair and gave her a little bow that matched her dress. Plus, as Brandon said, it can't be any easier to cut a child's hair than it is to cut an adult's hair. I think a non-first haircut is probably cheaper, but I really don't know. Either way, it was worth it, since she is now mullet free!!!

Again, she didn't cooperate and let me take a picture of the back of her head, so there isn't really a comparison, but her hair looks really nice! It's even across the back and the lady trimmed it everywhere, so it doesn't look all scraggly (is that a real word?) like it did before.

On a side note, I have a hair appointment this Saturday (not at the same place!). Again, there won't be any before and after photos because I'm not planning on changing the style, just the amount of gray hair that is visible!

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  1. Her hair looks cute. I wonder what she was thinking about in that picture.

    I took the kids to Cool Cuts a few times. But I hated the wait!


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