Wednesday, June 9, 2010

9 years!

9 years ago today, I woke up to my mom telling me I should turn on the news.
9 years ago today, Tropical Storm Alison had stayed over Houston a little too long and flooded the city!
9 years ago today, Brandon woke up to me calling him crying and telling him our wedding might be ruined because of all the flooding.
9 years ago today, my Dad drove to the church early to make sure the roads to the church weren't flooded.
9 years ago today, my florist slept in her flower shop because her house was flooded, but still delivered the flowers.
9 years ago today, my wedding coordinator kayaked from her house to a dry road where her friend drove her the church building.
9 years ago today, 185 guests traveled to a wedding in a city that was flooded.
9 years ago today, I married my love.


  1. And I'm so glad you did!
    Happy anniversary to both of you!


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