Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First Haircut

Saturday morning, I finally broke down and took Mackenzie to get a haircut! Her hair had been mullet-ish for quite some time and it was time to let it go! ;) She wouldn't let me take a before picture, so below are pictures from the last month showing the mullet. The pictures don't actually make it look that bad, but that's the best I can show you.

We went here and they were great. She freaked out when they sat her down in the kid seat and then freaked out even more when they put the cape on her, so I had to hold her in my lap while they cut here hair. Because of this, my camera sat in my purse untouched and there are no pictures of the actual cutting of the hair!

Although it was the same price that Brandon pays for his haircut, they had a DVD on to keep her attention, they saved a locket of hair and gave her a little bow that matched her dress. Plus, as Brandon said, it can't be any easier to cut a child's hair than it is to cut an adult's hair. I think a non-first haircut is probably cheaper, but I really don't know. Either way, it was worth it, since she is now mullet free!!!

Again, she didn't cooperate and let me take a picture of the back of her head, so there isn't really a comparison, but her hair looks really nice! It's even across the back and the lady trimmed it everywhere, so it doesn't look all scraggly (is that a real word?) like it did before.

On a side note, I have a hair appointment this Saturday (not at the same place!). Again, there won't be any before and after photos because I'm not planning on changing the style, just the amount of gray hair that is visible!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back to Normal

Sunday night/Monday morning Brandon returned home after 10 days in China. He went for an international business residency trip for school. But now he is back and things are finally back to normal! It's the little things that make a difference, ie: calling when I want, hearing him come through the door and Mackenzie running to him, eating dinner together...

Although, we don't actually eat dinner together every night, even when we are all here in one place. Take tonight for instance - we ate in shifts. I was just finishing dinner when Brandon came home. I fixed our plates and ate dinner while he played with Mackenzie. Then, when I was finished, I played with and bathed Mackenzie while he ate dinner. She actually ate a little while I was cooking dinner and then again while Brandon was eating. We do try and eat together, but depending on when Brandon gets home and how well Mackenzie is cooperating at the dinner table, it doesn't always work out. However, it is nice to be in the same time zone, no matter how we eat dinner! ;)

10 days with just me and Mackenzie was tiring and made for some really, really long days. Wake up, shower, get ready, wake Mackenzie up, eat breakfast, dress Mackenzie, leave the house, drop off Mackenzie, go to work, leave work, pick up Mackenzie, play with Mackenzie, eat dinner, bathe Mackenzie, sit and relax with Mackenzie, put Mackenzie to bed, do misc. tasks each night (ie: cook, clean, laundry), go. to. bed...start over. It helped that we talked or skyped with Brandon every day and the 13 hour time difference made it fairly easy for him to call us in his morning/our evening.

All in all, it was a good week, but we were both very ready for Brandon to come home. Mackenzie was sleeping very sound when he woke her up yesterday morning, but when she finally woke up, she reached for him and was all smiles! (She hadn't seen him since Thursday night, June 17.) Monday evening she pulled his hand until he followed her to her room to play. I think I must not be as fun as Brandon! ;)

It was 10 days that I was sort of dreading since I found out he was going back in July, but it has come and gone and we all survived! With that said, let's pray we never have to do it again!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to Eat a Brisket Sandwich

Do you remember those "How To" paragraphs/stories we had to write in elementary school? You know the ones - you had to use "first", "then", "last"... to tell how to do something. I remember one time we were able to pick a topic and I chose "how to make a tuna fish sandwich". Somewhere in the middle I got confused and added bread crumbs instead of relish because I was thinking about how to make meatballs or something like that. I know how to make both tuna fish and meatballs and don't need the "how to" story anymore! Aren't you proud of me. ;)
Last Saturday Mackenzie and I visited my grandparents and had brisket sandwiches for lunch. Below is Mackenzie's "How to eat a Brisket Sandwich" if she could speak and if she could write and if she cared.

"First, you unfold the piece of bread Momma folded to create the sandwich. Next, you eat the pickles one by one. Then, you eat each piece of brisket one by one. After eating the brisket you hold the bread up to your mouth so you can lick the mayonnaise off. Finally, you eat the bread after Momma folds it back up and wipes the mayonnaise off your nose."

I will do my best to never complain about what Mackenzie eats since I'm pretty sure she eats a better variety of foods than I do. Last Friday and Saturday she ate: a roast beef sandwich, bbq chicken, brisket sandwich, and a spinach & chicken quesadilla, plus all the sides! She will try most anything and usually likes it. The only time she spits food out is typically because she thinks it's hot. Let me emphasise the "she thinks it's hot". Most of the time is luke warm and she still blows on it and thinks its hot. Although, this last Sunday I gave her a bite of a fried pickle and once she started chewing, she felt the hot juices and out came the pickle. I was sure she wouldn't try a pickle again after it being hot, but once the pickles cooled for a while she had no problem finishing off the appetizer!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Flashback - Swimming

June 2009

It's been year since we've gone swimming at my parents' house. In preparation for going swimming this weekend, I bought some water floaties for her arm. I brought them out a couple of weeks ago so that she could get used to them before we went swimming and she's loved walking around the house with the floaties on her arms. Hopefully she'll still like them when we get in the water. I really think she's going to enjoy the pool, but Mackenzie constantly surprizes me, so we will see!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yay for Me and Mackenzie!

That's a yay for me because I made pig tails with Mackenzie's hair and yay for Mackenzie because she sat fairly still while I fixed her hair!
I've actually fixed her hair several times since this picture, but this is the only time I took a picture. If I sit her on my chair in the bathroom, she'll sit there and watch me fix her hair.

The hardest part in all of this was finding just the right hair tie. I finally found tiny, stretchy, clear plastic hair ties that are perfect. The only problem: if you drop them, they are very hard to find. Since we've bought them (and 3 other types), Mackenzie has pulled them out of the drawer and scattered them on the floor a few times. Because they are clear, it's very hard to pic them all up. I have to feel across the floor to find them all.

Now the hunt is on for cute, small bows/clips to cover the plastic hair ties.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trash Guy

There's this guy I see on the side of the road sometimes. He's always in the same block of road, always sweating, and always carrying trash. He's not homeless (from what I can tell) and he doesn't carry a trash bag - just loose trash. He's usually just carrying a few pieces of trash and running to pick up the next piece. I'm not sure if he's part of a highway trash pick up program or if he's just doing it out of goodwill.
I always see him on a weekday (although that may be because I typically drive on this road on weekdays). It's also always around 5:00-5:15 (again maybe for same reason above). I feel like maybe he's walking home from work and just picking up trash on his way home. Am I crazy for thinking that he's crazy for picking up trash? Whenever I see him I smile at the fact that he's picking up trash and then think to myself, "why in the world are you doing that?" I think I just have no desire to walk in the grass along a busy street where cars could accidentally veer off the road and hit you! It could be that same fear that keeps my body parts inside the vehicle (see yesterday's post). I clearly am ok with driving a vehicle, but don't make me walk around a moving vehicle.
The point of this rambling is that I'd let a strip of grass get filled with trash before I'd walk around and pick it up. Good to know. ;)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hanging Out

I've noticed recently that a lot of people are letting their arms hang out of their vehicle. This is strange to me for a couple of reasons:
  1. It's June in Houston. Why is your window down in the first place? I have noticed it tends to be men in beat up trucks, so maybe their A/C doesn't work.
  2. When I say "hanging out", I mean literally hanging out of the window. It's not sitting on the door or just a hand hanging out. It's the entire arm just hanging loosely out of the window. It's like they completely ran out of room in the vehicle and their arm has no feeling or nerves so they just let it hang out. I feel like eventually the arm would fall asleep and what if they need to use 2 hands to drive? It might take a few seconds to bring their arm back in the vehicle. Do they worry about having an accident? I'm guessing not.
These are the things I think about while driving. Kind of scary, right?

Monday, June 14, 2010


Yesterday was a GREAT day! Well, great until I got a headache - then not so much. But I'll be talking about my pre-headache day.

I went to Bible Class for the first time since Mackenzie was born! She's 20 months...I know. I've been a helper or taught her class for the last 6 months, but I decided I needed to let her go to class by herself - like all the other children in her class. There was a little crying when I left, but when I came back 3-5 minutes later she was perfectly fine. It had been so long since I had gone to class, that I had to ask a friend where the class met. It was so nice to listen someone and not worry about a child running around, talking to loud or needing something.

And then you know another great thing that happened? I got to listen to an entire sermon without distraction! It's crazy - I know! ;) We picked Mackenzie up from class and took her to the Auditorium for services, but then 5 minutes later decided to take her to the nursery. I've tried a couple of times to drop her off in the nursery, but they had to come get me every time because Mackenzie wouldn't stop crying. Usually I stay in the room with her or walk around in the lobby with her. This time, I stayed for just a couple of minutes and then left. Brandon picked her up after services and she had done great.

I'm so excited about these two events. I'm really hoping she's coming out of her shell a little bit and can do a little better being left with other people. This is going to open up a lot of possibilities - date nights, changing schools, ymca membership...who knows!?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

9 years!

9 years ago today, I woke up to my mom telling me I should turn on the news.
9 years ago today, Tropical Storm Alison had stayed over Houston a little too long and flooded the city!
9 years ago today, Brandon woke up to me calling him crying and telling him our wedding might be ruined because of all the flooding.
9 years ago today, my Dad drove to the church early to make sure the roads to the church weren't flooded.
9 years ago today, my florist slept in her flower shop because her house was flooded, but still delivered the flowers.
9 years ago today, my wedding coordinator kayaked from her house to a dry road where her friend drove her the church building.
9 years ago today, 185 guests traveled to a wedding in a city that was flooded.
9 years ago today, I married my love.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Flashback - My Wedding Day

June 9, 2001
Next Wednesday is my 9th wedding anniversary, so today's flashback is almost 9 years old! Look how skinny we were!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pig Tails

Whenever I attempt to do anything with Mackenzie's hair she runs away or pulls out whatever bow or clip I've put in. So, it amazes me when I pick her up from school and her hair looks like this!

I know how they keep her from pulling the pigtails out because they are pretty tight. But how in the world do they get her to sit still long enough to fix her hair?! I'm assuming they've had lots of practice with moving targets. I think I'll just have to try fixing her every morning and maybe one morning she'll actually go to school with pigtails I did myself!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

World Cup

The World Cup begins next week. I know this not because I keep up with Soccer, but because my office is having yet another office pool. For $5 dollars I can attempt to pick the teams starting with the top 16 teams and ending with the World Cup winner.

My office does several pools for different sports throughout the year. I usually participate in the Football pool in the fall and for the last couple of years I've participated in the NCAA Basketball Pool. The winner is required to bring breakfast (actually written in the rules!), so I usually participate as my contribution to a really good breakfast!

I don't keep up with sports, so picking for these pools is really hit or miss. I can usually find stats for the different teams that help me a little, but usually if I do well, it's blind luck! I think the problem I'm going to have with the world cup is the fact that each team is a different country and it only happens every 4 years!

Are there stats for these teams as a whole? How do I know how a team will do when they are comprised of 20 different players from lets say 20 different teams in their country? I haven't begun to look for information at all and I don't know if I will. I might just skip stats and pick names of countries based on information that has nothing to do with soccer. Maybe I'll choose countries that start with the letter I or A? Who knows.

Does anyone have any tips for me? I have to turn in my bracket next week before the first game next Friday!
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