Monday, May 10, 2010

Stuffed Elephants

For those of you who don't know, Mackenzie has an elephant collection. She has several shelves full of elephant figurines and a rocking elephant. When I started collecting elephants a few years before Mackenzie was born, they weren't very popular and sort of hard to find. Now they are everywhere and here is our proof - the other half of Mackenzie's collection:

That's 16 stuffed elephants! Only 2 of them are duplicates and they are actually made from different materials, so they aren't exactly alike. Last night I was going through and telling Mackenzie who gave her each elephant. Most of them I remembered, but 1 of them I couldn't remember.

But you know what's great about blogging? You keep a record of your life and I looked back at an old blog and found a picture of one of the elephants and remembered that it was given to Mackenzie at her book shower. So, now I know about all of them!

I guess I should right them all down. She might not care now, but when she's older it might mean more to her. I know I always liked it when my mom could say, "your Granny gave that to you when you were 2" or "I bought that for you when you were born".

I had several collections growing up (music boxes, bookmarks, Berenstain bear books) and still add to them now. I am looking forward to collecting more elephants through the years for Mackenzie.

I'm trying to think of another collection for the next child and I'm thinking monkeys, but I don't know yet. Oh and don't get excited, I AM NOT pregnant, I'm just thinking ahead - remember I said I collected elephants 3 YEARS before I had Mackenzie!

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  1. I wish I could buy her every elephant that I see. When Chloe and I see an elephant when we are shopping we always stop to look and think of Mackenzie. (There were some cute stuffed elephants at the zoo. Maybe next time we go I can get her one.)


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