Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mommy Cards

Last week, my co-worker was telling me about how she took her son (22 months) to the park the other day and met two sweet little girls and their mom. She said she enjoyed spending time with them, so before she left she gave them a "mommy card".

"A what???" was my response.

I've never heard of these, so she's essentially a business card for mom's where you list your name, your child's name and a phone number where you can be reached. I needed further proof that people use these, so I googled and found this website.
Here is an example:
Here's one with a photo of your child:

I think they are cute, but I'm not sure if I need them. We don't exactly play with "strangers". ;) Usually we are meeting people through church and I get their information through the church directory.

I see the benefit and I can see the benefit for stay at home moms who might have more play dates than we do, but I don't see myself using them. I hardly use my actual business cards, let alone a mommy card. I can see where they might also come in handy when Mackenzie is older and involved in extra curricular activities in the community. Would people look at me like I was a crazy lady when I hand them a card with my child's picture (who is 19 months old) on it?

Is this something that's been around for a while and I just haven't known about it or is it new to you too? To my fellow moms, do you have mommy cards?


  1. They're new to me. I'm pretty sure if I did carry around "mommy cards" they would very quickly be soggy or dirty from one of the many things involved in the "mommy business".

  2. Um, no, I don't have "mommy cards." For some reason, that seems a little creepy to me...


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