Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Today our sermon at church was of course about mothers! As our preacher started recounting stories with his mom, I started thinking about all of the wonderful times I've had with my mom.

For those that don't know, my dad is technically my step dad and he and my mom married when I was 6 years old. With the exception of not being my biological father, in all other aspects he is and always will be my Dad. I say all this not because I've forgotten I'm writing about mother's day, but to show that my mom and I have a special bond. She was my parent for my first 6 years of life and my early memories are of her and I together.

I decided to recount some of my memories of just my mom and me.

When I was in elementary school (maybe 4th grade?), my mom worked for my grandpa one summer and I went with her to work. Every morning (I think) we would stop at the gas station and get a soda and a candy bar or zingers or something that wasn't breakfast food and eat it for breakfast! ;) As weird of a memory as that is, I love it. I know that my mom really likes those peanut praline cluster things that are wrapped in cellophane and she also likes the strawberry zingers. It's the little things...I remember thinking I was so lucky to get to eat the junk food and I felt like I was an adult like my mom.

All through my school years, I never missed a day of school unless I was sick. I did not get pulled out early to go the dentist or doctor or to get a hair cut or whatever reason some kids left early for. I understand that now, but at the time I remember thinking it wasn't fair that I didn't get to miss an hour or two of school occasionally. There was one time however that my mom did let me miss an entire day of school. She took me to this seminar on different ways of remembering things. (ie. assigning items to numbers; assigning items to parts of the body) I was so excited and I really enjoyed it, but I especially enjoyed spending the day with my mom.

In High School, my dad and brother didn't go to church with me and my mom and so I also remember those be special times for us. Yes, I sat with the youth group during church, but I remember riding to and from church with my mom and sometimes we would get lunch together. I know I've written about this before, but I remember watching movies with my mom while she ironed. Again this was our time together as mother and daughter.

I could recount many many memories of just the two of us. Of course I remember the big events, telling her I was getting married, my wedding day, telling her I was pregnant. What I've realized is that the smaller things we did together are just as vivid in my memory as the bigger events. To all of you moms out there, every minute with your children doesn't have to be fantastic and/or a great adventure. Sometimes it's the smaller things - packing their lunch, fixing breakfast, buying a toy, sitting on the sofa together. It's not what you do in that minute with your child, it's just the minute that counts.

Happy Mother's Day! I love you Momma!

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  1. You do have an extra-wonderful Mom! I love her too. :)


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