Thursday, April 1, 2010

this weekend

This past weekend, Brandon's mom came for a visit (aka Nana). Mackenzie was the biggest ham when Nana arrived. She was running, dancing, name it, she did it for a smile and laugh from us. I've never really seen her do so much of that for anyone other than me and Brandon. It was really really cute.

I probably say this every month, but I really like this age. She is learning and repeating so much. The other day I was singing songs while she was in the tub and she would sing along - her version of singing anyway. I started a new song and she looked at me and said "no." So I started another song and she said, "no". At first I though maybe she didn't want me to sing at all, but I wasn't sure, so I tried a different song and she was fine and sang along. When I tried to sing the previous songs she had said no to, she once again looked at me and said "no". Apparently she wasn't feeling it for those 2 songs.

I digress a lot! Sorry, back to this past weekend. Since it was gorgeous weather we spent some time outside blowing bubbles:

Playing with the new ball from Mackenzie's Nana.
We tried to do flips - or at least look between our legs!
In the next picture Mackenzie is singing. I couldn't get her to smile, so I started singing, "I love to pat the bible..." She loves this song and immediately started singing, "pat, pat" and doing the hand motions. I need to get it on video, but until then here's a quick snap shot.
This last picture is an example of her being a ham - she has already started doing a fake smile for the camera. Well maybe I should call it an exaggerated smile rather than fake.

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