Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shoe Give Away

So I cleaned out my closet yesterday and 6 pairs of shoes left my shelves. I now have 28 pairs of shoes! What am I going to do with only 28 pairs of shoes?! ;) Mackenzie is slowly catching up to me with 10 pairs of shoes of her own!

Anyways, one of the six pairs was thrown out completely and 4 of them I'm giving to good will. The last pair of shoes I can barely part with. I loved them soooo much in the store and just HAD to have them. I wore them once to work and once to church, but the problem is I bought them a half size too small. I had a horrible blister when I wore them to work several years ago and haven't worn them since. So, before I send them off to good will, does anyone want them?

They are a size 8 medium and the heel isn't very high. As long as you are within driving distance from my house or my mom's house, I'll bring them to you! Let me know if you want them, otherwise next weekend they'll find a new home in the strip center near our house (Goodwill)!

1 comment:

  1. Those are adorable shoes! Too bad I wear a size 5 to a 5 & 1/2.

    I hope they find a good home.


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