Thursday, April 22, 2010

Playing Outside

Since the painters were still at our house when we got back from the zoo a couple of weeks ago, we decided to play outside for a little while.

Mackenzie realized that she could look through the fence. I don't think the neighbors dog was outside otherwise he would have barked at her and she would have come running back to me.

We bought her this slide about a month ago and it sat in our living room for a few weeks, until we moved it outside.
It took her a little bit to figure out how to climb up on it, but now she's got the hang of it.

Mackenzie only had a half hour nap that day on the ride from the zoo to lunch. In this picture I was hoping she would sit with me and fall asleep. That never did pan out, but she did fall asleep at 7:00 that night.
Brandon also took a picture of me yawning but I chose not to include it here. ;)

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