Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mackenzie stories

I thought I'd share a few funny stories about Mackenzie.

1. A week ago when I took Mackenzie to school, I stopped at the donut store and bought us breakfast. As I was walking down the side walk to our car, I dropped my bag and a few donut holes dropped to the ground. I obviously wasn't going to pick them up and eat them, so I picked up my bag but left the 3 donut holes on the ground. As we walked away, Mackenzie stared and pointed at the donut holes while whining/wincing. She clearly did not understand why I would leave delicious donut holes on the ground and not eat them.

2. On Sunday, Mackenzie and I were looking at books and she kept putting her foot on the book we were looking at. I removed her foot and said we were not allowed to put our feet on the books. After several times of doing/saying this, I finally picked up the book, looked at her and said, "Are you listening to me?" She responded by pointing to her ears. I couldn't help but laugh. She clearly knows how to listen, but chooses not to obey! ;)

3. Yesterday on the way home, Mackenzie started crying in the back seat. I have know idea what was wrong and I don't know what she wanted but after several cries of "momma" and me not responding, she decided to try Daddy instead, "Daaaaadddddyyyyyy". FYI, Brandon was not in the car, but I guess she figured he could still help her more than I was!

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