Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hair Help

I am in desperate need for help! My hair is frustrating me! I'm not sure if it is all the gray coming in, the layers, the shortness, the longness or all of the above. What ever it is, it bothers me!

Part of the solution would be to go to the hair salon. While this seems like a simple task, its anything but. With Brandon in school every other weekend, I'm limited to every other Saturday. And then on those free Saturdays things come up. Clearly I made the choice to do the other things, but still before I know it's been 4 months since my last appointment. When you color your hair - that's way toooo long. Fortunately, I color my hair my natural color, so you can't see the root growth, BUT you can see the new gray hairs that have sprung up all over the place.

We're taking M to the zoo tomorrow, so I originally made an appointment for the afternoon, but things have come up this week, so I canceled. Brandon has class next Saturday, so I'm hoping maybe in 2 weeks I'll finally get my hair done.

While I'm complaining about not having time, I don't know what exactly I want done. Besides the obvious color, I don't know how I want to cut my hair. On the one hand I want to grow it out so that I can pull it back in a pony tail this summer. But on the other hand, if its short it makes me style my hair in the mornings before work. AND, if I cut, how short? Do I do layers again or just a short bob? If bob, even or slightly angled? HELP!!!!!!!!

You can look at my Easter post for my current hair style. Also, what helps with the frizziness (other than moving away from Houston)?

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