Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Flashback - Amazing

This is my Granny with my mom, uncle and aunt. Since Rhonda is still a little baby, I'd say Granny is 21. At 21 my Granny had 3 kids under the age of 3! My mom and uncle are 15 1/2 months apart and my uncle and aunt are 13 months apart! To me that is amazing - not that she could have that many kids, but that she could SURVIVE! ;) First of all I can't imagine having all of them that close, but then to top it all off she was 21! At 21, I was barely married and trying to see if I could go 2 months without seeing my parents. (which by they way still doesn't happen! )

To all of you young mothers, especially with more than one kid - I am in awe.


  1. She's my new hero! If she can survive three that close then surely I can survive my two!

  2. I thought about that many times after I had 3 children in 3 years. But I was 16 years older than my mother was then I had three. Being that young has got to help with the physical demand of three young children. But Granny had a lot of growing up to do still while we were little, and she was away from her parents. Without email or free long distance. And she had a husband who worked away or worked shift work. It was probably very hard for her at times. But, she had the fortune of being young enough to enjoy her grandchildren (like you!) at the ripe old age of 39! And I was lucky enough to have her help when my children were young. It's funny how life works out. We each have our own path.

  3. BTW, this is the first documented proof of your mom telling me what to do. LOL!

  4. Charlton, I feel so special to be
    "featured" on your blog. Thanks for
    the compliment. Most of the time
    we just work with what life deals
    us. My Mother was my hero, so I
    learned a lot about "coping" from
    a pro. She was always my inspiration eventhough we were miles apart when the children were


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