Thursday, April 15, 2010

For Sale

That's right, our house is officially on the market! We decided a little over a week ago to go ahead and try to sell it rather than waiting a year. If it doesn't sell by the end of the summer, then we'll try again next year.

It's been a crazy 11 days:

Monday (5th) - decided to sell house
Tuesday - started de-cluttering (more on that later)
Wednesday - bought a storage unit
Thursday - moved furniture/boxes to storage unit
Friday - Painters at the house/still de-cluttering
Saturday - Cleaning crew at house/still de-cluttering
Sunday - last load to storage unit
Monday - Landscaper at house
Tuesday - Met with Realtor
Thursday - Photographer at House and Sign put in yard

The lock box and sign are supposed to be added today and I'm assuming it will be listed on the websites by tomorrow. Our house looks so clean and clutter free, I hope we can keep it that way! So, if you know anyone who's looking for a starter 3 bedroom home, send them our way!

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