Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Employee Reviews

My company has 2 employee reviews every year - one in April and another in October. The spring review always involves a question/answer form. In the past this has always been fairly easy for me.
question: what is your goal for 200x?
my answer: I want to become a licensed architect

question: what are the steps you are taking to achieve this goal?
my answer: "...taken 3 test, only 6 to go"; "...taken 6 tests only 3 to go."

This year was different - I had to find a new goal! It's a little bittersweet - I've achieved a goal that had been on my reviews since I started in 2005 which is awesome, but now what?

What do I want to do with my career and life in general? My answer on my review was, " become more involved in the Architecture community." The key word here is "involved". I want to become involved/active in a lot of things - so many in fact that I'm going to need to narrow it down and decide on the ones that are really important to me. I know it sounds weird to say that I want to add stuff to my already busy schedule and I'm sure Brandon is thinking, "oh no". I don't necessarily want to add stuff to my schedule, as much as I want to change my schedule. I just really feel the need to become more active in the community and get to know other people besides my close friends and family.

Below is a list of a few organizations that either I'm interested in or am already a member of, but would like to be more "active" in.

Houston Aggies
Habitat for Humanity
Home owners Association
West Houston Church of Christ

What kind of organizations do you belong to? Are you active in the community?

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