Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Here is our Easter Recap!

I didn't get a picture of Mackenzie's Easter basket before I gave it to her, but oh well. I bought most of the stuff when she was with me and she played with it when I put it in the basket. I love that at this age I can do that and once I hide it from her for a few weeks it's NEW the next time she sees it.

She loves PEZ, so I knew the duck pez dispenser would be a hit! Unfortunately, I took it with us to church and then to lunch where I left it at the restaurant. At least she got to see it for a few hours!

Before we got ready for church, Mackenzie colored a picture in her new coloring book.

This is the reaction I got when I tried to make her stand in front of the back door for her picture. It's a keeper! ;)

Then we tried again and had a much better picture! Although, still no smile.

Brandon and Mackenzie

Me and Mackenzie

Because it had rained the night before and the ground was a little wet, our church had the Easter egg hunt in the gym. I've read a couple of blogs about this already and every account uses the word "crazy". This blog is no exception - the Easter egg hunt was CRAZY!!! Oh...and over in about 3 minutes. As you can imagine, you can't really hide eggs in a gym, so this is what they did.
Someone took our photo while we waited for the egg hunt to begin.

This is our first family picture in a while and it turned out pretty well.

Mackenzie didn't quite know what to do with the eggs so when she picked up her first egg, she opened it and out spilled Jelly beans. We spent the remainder of the time picking up the jelly beans she was trying to eat off the floor. I ended up picking up a few more eggs for her before all the older children snatched them up.

After 3 minutes of craziness, the hunt was over and we went out to lunch! Since we went to late service and then had the Easter Egg hunt, Mackenzie's schedule was all out of whack. We were eating at the time she would normally be taking a nap, so by the time we were driving home, she was out cold. I changed her diaper and took her dress off of her with out her even opening her eyes slightly! This Sunday we are celebrating Easter again with my family, so maybe that Easter Egg hunt will go better, especially since she'll be the only one looking for eggs!


  1. Yep, there was no other way to describe that hunt than CRAZY! Mallory only got eggs because an older boy gave her some of his eggs. It was very sweet.

    I saw Brandon and Mackenzie in all the craziness and loved her dress!

  2. Her dress is so cute! I'm impressed with M's coloring skills! She'll have to give Liz some pointers - she likes to suck on the crayons...

  3. Love the dress!!! And the fam photo turned out good too. Easter is so much fun for the kids - even if it is short-lived fun! :)


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