Saturday, March 6, 2010


Did I tell you I got one of these for Christmas?

I love it! I've promised Brandon not to go crazy on buying books, since it's so easy to rack up the bill since you aren't feeling the weight of the books like you would in a book store!

I also received 5 real books for Christmas, so I've been taking turns reading a real book and then a nook book, real get the idea. My first book of the year was this one:

I really liked this book and received the movie for Valentine's Day. While the movie is good, I think the book is soooo much better!

My next book was a nook book:

I knew this was a fictional book, but I thought it would have a little more about FLW's architecture. Since it's based on a true story about FLW and his mistress, I unfortunately ruined the ending for myself when I tried to google a picture of the mistress. I know I had heard the story at one point while in college, but I completely forgot until I read it on the internet. If you choose to read this book, don't google anything until you are finished! ;)

My next book was a real book:
I read most of this book in one night. It's a fairly easy read and I just couldn't put it down one Friday night. I would recommend this book to anyone who hasn't read it.

The book I'm currently reading on my nook is this:
I'll be honest, I'm having a real hard time getting into this book. I'm halfway through and I feel like I'm just forcing myself to read this. I don't really know why I don't like it. It has a good concept and I like cooking and blogging. ;) I feel like it could be the language, but that doesn't usually completely turn me off from a book. I don't know...I really want to see the movie, but want to finish the book first. While most books are better than the movie, I'm really hoping in this case the movie is much better.

For my birthday I received a gift card to buy books for my nook and so Friday night I went shopping online using my nook! I am so proud of my $18 spending spree! I bought 5 books, one of which is the NIV Bible and one of them is a collection of 7 Jane Austin books! So, 10 books and the Bible for $18!!! I definitely have plenty of books to read for the next year!


  1. I think you've already read more books this year than I have the in last three. I realized I probably have 5 books on my nightstand I would like to read, but just can't ever get to. Hopefully, some time soon.
    Not to discourage you, but I didn't care much for the movie Julie & Julia. I heard so many good things about it, but just thought it was so so.

  2. I have envy issues about your Nook. But I'm working on it. :) I agree about The Time Traveler's Wife. The book was much better. Have you ever read any Jodi Picoult or Cecelia Ahern? I like both of their books.


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