Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Movin' on up" (cue the Jefferson's theme song)

We're "movin' on up". Well not really - but Mackenzie is "movin' on up" at school. Mackenzie moved up to the toddler class today at school. While they don't normally move kids up just because they turned 18 months, this was a request by us. We asked that she be separated from the little boy who did this:

This is a picture after we got home yesterday. A little boy had bitten her while they fought over a toy. This is the same boy who bit her about a month ago and I think the same one who had scratched her before that. This first picture doesn't clearly show how bad the bite is, so here's the picture from this morning:

And here's what it looked like tonight - 24 hours after the bite.

By the time we go to the doctor on Monday for her 18 month check up. it should be a nice shade of purple for the doctor to ask about!

I can't remember if I've blogged about this, but my mom said when I was younger (about 2 or 2 1/2) I had a boy in my class that also liked to bite. My mom says she taught me to scream when the boy came near me so that the teacher would be right there if he tried to bite me. Unfortunately, Mackenzie is too young for me to teach her that, so we'll just keep the boy away from her by putting her in a new class. Anyways, all is fine and I think she probably cried more about having a new teacher than she did with the bite!


  1. Ouch! I don't blame you for moving her into a new class. From your title I thought you were moving or had a job promotion or something. That would have been better than a bite on the arm!

  2. That looks awful! It makes it hard not to be mad at that little boy, but he is communicating the best he knows how. Hope it heals up soon. How many tears did you shed over it?

  3. Mallory was bit last year and it was not near as bad. This makes me very sad for Mackenzie! I'm glad she wont be around him anymore.


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