Saturday, March 20, 2010

Laundry Detergent

About a month ago I found out that one of my friends makes her own laundry detergent! I have mixed feelings about this. One one hand, I think it would be really cool to make your own detergent for a lot less than you pay to buy brand name detergent. On the other hand, it's more convenient to just buy it at the store and be done with it.

This particular friend has 3 kids, so I can see the benefit of making your own when you have that much laundry to do. I however, am only washing 3 peoples clothes. I do 5 or 6 loads a week and my detergent lasts me forever.

For the first few years of marriage I used powdered detergent and then I started using liquid detergent for my colors. For several years I bought both detergents and recently realized that I was wasting my time and money buying both. I now only use liquid detergent. This brings me to my strange/random question of the day - what kind of detergent do you use? Powder or liquid? Do you make your own?

BTW - here's the recipe to make your own detergent. (it's listed with other food recipes, so scroll down till you find it)


  1. I've never made my own detergent and I'm pretty sure I never will. I have always used liquid. I try to buy whatever is the best deal, but we're kind of addicted to the smell of Tide.

  2. I've made my own detergent...It cleans just as good. When you do the math of it all you save a TON of money..especially in a big family. It takes a little work on the front end to put it together...
    Right now I'm just using store bought powder usually arm and hammer, now I'm inspired to make it again..I just got out of the habit of doing it.

  3. I never heard of making your own detergent! That's pretty cool. I use liquid, I've always hated powder, although I used to use it. My favorite liquid is Tide with a touch of Febreeze, or a touch of Downy already added. I try the cheaper brands, but I'm always happier with Tide. Plus, like Marcia, I love the smell. But I might try making my own. I have bought the Fels-Naptha bar before to use as a stain remover. Got that tip from a book on stain removal. I'll let you know if I make my own, and how it goes. I do laundry for 5 and probably do 20 loads a week. More when the kids wet the bed often.


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