Thursday, March 25, 2010

House Rules

Yesterday my sister-in-law posted her house rules. Since I've been struggling for blog ideas, I thought I'd piggy back on her rules and add my commentary and/or my version of the rule.

Aubrey's Rule #1 - Chores are divided among the participants
Chores are divided in our household. Brandon typically does yard work, vehicle stuff, a/c filters, vacuuming, toilets and trash. I typically do laundry, dinner, dusting, tubs, sweep/mop. Depending on our schedules, we take turns doing dishes and going to the grocery store. My biggest issue is not asking for help and then getting so stressed with my tasks that it finally all comes out in a huge emotional outburst/breakdown. I'm working on that.

Aubrey's Rule #2 - Everything has it's a drawer or cabinet.
I agree that things have their places, but we have a lot of stuff on our counters. Our realtor said that when we sell our house next year, I'll have to clean off about 50% of the stuff. Maybe then, I'll try and keep the same rule. Unfortunately for me, during the week our house gets cluttered, but I put it all away on Friday nights. For 2 whole days my house looks fairly organized and then the work week begins again!

Aubrey's Rule #3 - Bills are paid right away and papers are filed immediately thereafter.
Not so much in our house! Most of our bills are paid electronically, so only a few I actually write checks for. They are usually paid within a week of receiving them and then the paperwork placed in a stack in the office to sort/file later. At least I get them off the kitchen counter!

Aubrey's Rule #4 - Dishes are rinsed and put in the dishwasher immediately.
This is one I wish was more consistent. There are some weeks when all the dishes are put away and the sink and counter are empty. Then there are those other weeks...

Aubrey's Rule #5 - Spring cleaning is done quarterly.
I probably clean and purge our stuff twice a year, but I do it more sporadically. I'm better with Mackenzie's clothes just because she grows out of them so quickly. I currently need to clean out my kitchen cabinets and reorganize. I know there are several items in there that can stand to be thrown out.

Aubrey's Rule #6 - FIFO - first in, first out
This isn't necessarily a rule, but we do follow it. We don't typically open a new box of something before using all of the other box.

Aubrey's Rule #7 - Don't buy things that are hard to clean.
I would say that we generally follow this rule. Other than the occasional piece of clothing that has to go to the cleaners, our clothes, furniture and "stuff" is easy to clean and not really a hassle.

Base on this synopsis, I'd say that we would get an "F" if graded by Aubrey. My first "F" - oh well! In my book F stands for fantastic!

PS - Aubrey, I have nothing against your rules! I'm just glad I don't have to follow them!

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  1. Haha, I said my rules aren't for everyone! You don't get an F though. I'd give you at least a C+. At least. :)


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