Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Time of Life

On Friday, my sister called to tell me she was pregnant! I have 2 nephews already, so this will be my parents' 4th grandchild. I'm very excited for her.
This got me thinking about all of the women I know who are expecting. I guess it's that time in my life when everyone is having kids, just like 9 years ago all of my friends were getting married. I started going through my list of expectant moms and realized I know someone who is due in every month from here until September except in June and July!

Since I started thinking about his, Pam has had her baby girl, but she was due in February.

Of the 6 babies due (2 are in May), I'm really excited about 4 of them. In April, a good friend from church/life groups is expecting her first child. she is having a girl and this will be our 4th girl in our life group - all under the age of 2! Because all of us in our life group live some distance from our families, I think we all become close to each other and each other's kids. We see each other every week - sharing God's word, pray together, eating together, rejoicing together. I'm really excited to meet Karleigh and to eventually see her and Mackenzie play together.

Two more babies I'm excited about are good friends of Brandon's family. So that I can totally confuse you, they are: Brandon's Mom's Best Friend's daughters. Not real confusing, but it's easier to say good family friend! Since I've known Brandon's family for 10 years, I have known Trisha and Lacie for that long also. Trisha is due in May and Lacie is due in August and I can't wait to see their babies. I'm looking forward to future Christmases when they Meyers and Harville grandchildren play together!

Last, but certainly not least, is my sister's baby! While we don't see each other that often, I will still Aunt Charlton and he/she will still be my nephew/neice. Secretly I think we are all hoping for a girl, but we'll have to wait until May to find out.

I don't want to discount the other 2 babies/moms that are due. I'm very excited to see pictures of those babies as well, but they are going to be my co-workers' children and I don't see myself as being a part of their lives! ;)

All in all, that's a lot of babies over the next 8 months..and a LOT of gifts...oh my...I better start saving! ;)

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