Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shoe Envy

In the last month, Mackenzie has added 5 new pairs of shoes to her wardrobe.

I, of course, am jealous! I went window shopping online last night and have decided I need to go shopping on Saturday morning. I'm not going to shop just because Mackenzie got new shoes...I really do need new shoes! Really. I promise.

I'm thinking I would like a pair of flats. Other than flip flops, I have no flats that I can wear in the winter. A couple of summers ago when I was pregnant I bought a pair of flats. But after 6 months of wearing almost nothing but those, I think they are kind of worn out. Plus they are mules/slip-ons, so I won't be wearing them until the weather gets a little warmer.

While looking last night I found these:
Supposedly this is black, but to me it looks brown. I do need brown shoes as well, so it may not matter much. To continue in the "flats" category, I also found these:
I know they have a little wedge, but I promise they were on the "flats" page. I think they are cute and would accomplish my flats need. These also come in red...oooh...that might be fun. ;)

It just occurred to me that I hadn't said why I needed flats. I bought several pairs of pants at the beginning of the year and they are shorter than I normally buy. I don't think they are overly short, but I feel really self conscious when I wear my high heels with them. There. That's why I NEED new shoes.

The next two are actually heels, but they are low heels that I think could work.

For some reason this last shoe looks fancy or very dressy to me and I really like that. I do not recall the brand or how much, so it may very well be "fancy" and out of my budget.

Now for the real challenge - actually finding these shoes at the store so that I can try them on. I almost always just find 1, maybe 2 shoes that I previously looked at online. I'll keep you updated on what I find.

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