Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mackenzie's Style

A couple of saturdays ago, Mackenzie and I stayed inside all day. When I dressed her, I didn't put her shoes on because I figured she'd go bare foot. Eventually she found one of her dress shoes and started playing with it and trying to put it on. A little later she came to me and she had one shoe on her foot. Granted, it was on the wrong foot, but she had managed to get a shoe on all by herself!

Apparently, she felt she needed shoes on, so I put the shoes on the correct feet. At nap time I removed the shoes, but after she woke up she found another pair of shoes - black velvet with a rhinestone.
Don't you just love how they match her pink ski-type pants? This time she would not let us take the shoes off her feet. While trying to change her into pajamas that night, she had to keep her shoes on. For a while I just let her walk around like this!

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