Thursday, February 4, 2010

Friday Flashback - Week 5

Time to go to A&M - 1998-2002!
I was a freshman - barely 19 years old in this picture. My family and I went to the Cayman Islands during spring break. We had a blast. What you can't tell from this picture is the sun burns we all got on half of our bodies! It was cloudy/rainy the morning of the fishing trip and we actually thought it might be cancled so we didn't put on any sunscreen. stupid - i know. By the time it we realized the sun had come out, the damage was already done, or we just didn't care because we were having too much fun fishing. Either way, we all got burned on our front halves of our bodies. And you see those little holes in my shoes? Yep, I had little red squares on my feet. And the tan I had worked on all week was ruined by my shorts and sleeveless shirt! That night we all took 2 alieve and slept just fine! :)

This is in the summer of 2000. My family plus Brandon went to Ocean City, New Jersey for a week. We took a sailboat ride and apparently didn't realize how chilly it would get on the water. I remember walking on the boardwalk during the afternoon in the middle of July and the high was 80 degrees. When we landed in Houston at 9 pm the temperature was 80 also! so much nicer on the shore - in the summer.

Graduation Day - Yay for Brandon! This is about 4 weeks before the wedding - look how skinny I was! Oh to be that size again! :)

Wedding Photos! For those who don't know, Brandon and I were married between my junior and senior years at A&M. The bottom one is one of my favorites! I don't exactly what Brandon said, but I thought it was hilarious at the time. It was probably along the lines of not really enjoying everyone watching while he feels under my dress to find the garder!

Graduation Day - Yay for Charlton. My good friend Mandy graduated on the same day as I did, so we had a combined family party at the church building. If we hadn't done a lunch at the church, we probably would have had to wait a couple of hours to eat at the 6 restaurants in College Station at the time.

We surprised our families with portraits the first Christmas we were married.

I really enjoyed my 4 years at A&M. I lived on campus my very first year and then shared an apartment with 3 other girls my sophomore year. By junior year, I decided an apartment with ONE other person would be just fine! :) Brandon and I met our first years at A&M in architectural history class. He actually recognized me from church, but we didn't meet until class. That was the fall of 1998. By January 2000 we were engaged and then married in June 2001. I know some people talk about loving high school, but I have to say college was soooooo much better. How could I have not loved it - I met my husband, I made life long friends, and of course we've established the only school that Mackenzie is allowed to go to! :)
Hope you are enjoying the flashbacks. Next week we move to grad school. I was thinking that it wasn't that long ago, but then I remembered I graduated from UH in 2005, so it's already been 5 years! Time flies!

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  1. That wedding garter picture is great. Such candid happiness on your wedding day!


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