Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Flashback - Past Birthdays

Today is my last Friday Flashback related to my big Birthday. I tried to gather as many previous birthday pictures as I could. Unfortunately, I think a lot of my younger year photos are in my Granny's or Mom's picture albums. I had a few. We'll start with age 2.
I'm interested to compare this photo with Mackenzie's next birthday photo. I hope she has enough hair by then that I can pull her hair back in a clip like mine.

I want to say this is my 3rd birthday, but it could be my 4th. I can't really tell from the picture. My mom would probably know. Clearly I'm having my party at the school with my friends.

This is a picture from my 18th birthday. I shared a birthday party with 2 of my other friends from my youth group. David (center) is a day older than me and Casey (right) is two years younger than us, but his birthday is on the 28th.

This is from my 19th birthday. I know I had a family party, but since I went on an AFC weekend trip to Georgetown the weekend of my birthday, I also had this miniature party. My host family for the weekend was kind enough to buy a birthday cake to celebrate my birthday. Looking back, I'm pretty sure this is my first birthday celebration away from home and my family.
22nd birthday - not really much to say.

23rd birthday - we celebrated this one at my great grandfather's house. The chocolate cake in the background has become a tradition for most of my birthdays. The first year we were married and Granny met us in College Station for my 22nd birthday and brought me my 2 layer chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I had a piece of cake and glass of milk every night while watching the winter olympics! If I had done that these last two weeks, I would have gained 5 pounds! Oh, to be 22 again! ;)

28th birthday - also known as the night we told everyone I was pregnant. I love this picture because of the shear volume of dessert! I of course had the cookie cake - another birthday favorite. Granny also brought the chocolate layered cake and then I think my sister brought the pie or cheesecake (I can't remember). Plus on top of all that, Brandon and I supplied 3 different types of ice cream! If I had known we were going to have so many desserts, we probably wouldn't have bought dinner! ;)

I apparently didn't take any pictures of last year, but I'll be sure to take pictures of tomorrow's big day!

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  1. I'll be thinking about you, hope it's a wonderful birthday! Welcome to your 30's!!


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