Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day

Brandon's Mom came for a visit this weekend which allowed Brandon and I to celebrate Valentine's Day just the two of us. We left the house around 11:00am on Saturday morning and our first stop was here:

This was my first time here and I loved it. There were so many activity books, craft projects and learning toys that I really wanted to buy, but Mackenzie is too young for them right now. In the coming years, I see myself shopping there more and more for her. I guess I'm hoping she'll be like me and love that sort of stuff. Growing up, I always wanted to "play" school and loved doing activity books and those sorts of things.

After Mardel's we went here:

We actually got an appetizer AND dessert! I know that sounds silly, but how often do you get both? We don't always get appetizers and we rarely get dessert unless it's Jason's Deli free ice cream!

Our next stops were here:

And here:

Then just for fun we went looking at houses and went to an open house that was out of our price range, but still fun to look at.

We ended our outing with a trip to the grocery store!!!! ;)

While a day of errands might seem a little strange to some of you, it was really nice to be able to make 6 stops in 5 hours, not have to get a child in and out of the car seat 6 times, not have to carry a diaper bag around for 5 hours and not have to worry about sippy cups, snacks and naps for 5 whole hours!!!

Brandon and I have never been one to celebrate Valentine's Day on February14th. I think we went to dinner ONCE on February 14th and after that, always celebrated on another night. I can also say that at least half of our Valentine's Days have involved Arby's and this year was no exception. It's one of my favortie fast food places and I can guarantee that you won't have to wait 1 hour to get a table for dinner or lunch! So, after church, Brandon, Mackenzie and I went to Arby's for lunch followed by a trip to Target. We ALL took a Sunday afternoon nap for about 2 hours - which almost never happens and then spen the rest of the evening watching the Olympics and a movie. I know it wasn't extra romantic or even slightly romantic, but for us it was a GREAT weekend!

Happy belated Valentine's Day!


  1. That sounds like a pretty perfect Valentines weekend to me!

  2. Oh, I remember how nice it was not to have to get kids in and out of the car while doing errands. X3 for me! It will sure make you rethink the importance of those errands! :)

    Glad you got some time together as a couple, whether or not it was Valentine's Day.


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