Saturday, February 20, 2010

Birthday Wishlist

For my birthday this year, I'm going shopping. Unlike most of my past shopping trips where I shopped for clothing, this year I'm shopping for kitchen stuff! Since discovering PW, I've decided I need more appropriate kitchen paraphernalia. For instance, I need this:

And this:
The two above, I really do NEED and aren't the different colors cool? (do people still use the word "cool" or is my almost 30 year old self clearly stating I'm 30 and don't know the new slang?)

Other items I would like are a couple of 8x8 pans. I have THREE glass 9x13 dishes, but no smaller ones. Some of my recipes are big and it would be nice to split the meal in half and freeze one of them. I like this pan: (8x8)

Along with this deep dish:

I am apparently in love with Le Creuset and want it ALL! Other smaller items I would like are this apron:
or this one:

I have a coupon at anthropologie and I think I'll be buying one of these aprons soon. I also would like these:

I am going shopping in a little while and I might have to just buy one or two items on the list. We shall see. As with the shoes, I'll keep you updated!


  1. if you're wanting some le creuset, check out marshalls to save $$. happy early bd! hugs!

  2. I hope that LOTS of le creuset ended up in your house!!! Can't wait to see what you picked for real.

    Did you know I have an apron obsession?!?!? That should be a blog post! :)

    LOVE the last Flashback! SO glad you;ve taken the time to share!!!


  3. Le Creuset is wonderful! Ironically, I don't have any, but I made my signature gumbo in Polly's Le Creuset one time and it was miles better than my pans. She found hers at a garage sale for $5!!! Only Polly can find deals like that.

  4. I ordered a Lodge brand 6QT dutch oven from Amazon and have been really happy with it. I know it's not LeCrueset, but was much more affordable (and a pretty bright blue)

    Although if I found a bargain on LC, I couldn't pass it up. :)


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