Saturday, January 30, 2010

what's wrong with this picture?

Can anyone see what's wrong with this picture?
How about now?
Still having a hard time? Let me zoom in!
That's right - one of the legs is about 1 inch shorter than the other. I bought these for Mackenzie months ago and I didn't notice this until after I had washed them. They might have been like this before I washed them - I don't know. It's not too noticeable once she has them on. But since I know they are shorter, I of course can see it instantly. Also, the shorter leg is a little wider than the the longer one. It's like they took a pant leg for a squatty, chubby child and paired it with one for a taller, skinny child! Oh well - now I know to pay a little more attention to pants before I buy them.

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