Thursday, January 7, 2010

School Pictures

We all love school pictures. You know the ones where our hair is a mess, our eyes are closed or we aren't smiling. I think I've only ever liked two of my school pictures - 9th and 12th grade. Mackenzie's school starts early with school pictures. Her first one she was 5 months old and not even sitting up on her own. Apparently they took one picture and when they tried to adjust her she started crying and of course no more pictures after that. This is her 5 month picture:

It's cute, but it would be cuter with a smile. In November they did pictures again and I was really excited and made sure she was wearing a cute little winter outfit. My omen for that day should have been when she didn't cooperate for me that morning when I tried to take my own photos! Here's Mackenzie's school picture at 14 months:

Apparently a similar incedent occurred. They took her in the morning, she cried so they took her back to take a nap. Her teacher told me when she took Mackenzie in the afternoon, she specifically told them to not adjust her and that she (the teacher) would adjust Mackenzie other wise there would be crying. They said ok. They took 2 pictures and tried to adjust her. Guess what - she started crying! Imagine that! :) So, these are our two school pictures for 2009. I'm assuming they'll have pictures again this March/April so we'll see if we get a smile.

Last night while I was scanning these pictures, I started looking at some other scanned photos I had and came across another photo that surprised me.

Mackenzie is obviously on the left and the baby on the right is my mom! I don't know if it's because they are babies with hardly any hair and big eyes (both blue even though you can't see in black and white) or what, but I think they look alike. I think the mouth and nose look very similar! I was completely thrown off because so many people say Mackenzie looks like Brandon and then here's a picture where she looks like my mom. Anyways, I just had to post it and see if anyone else sees similarities.
Tomorrow I'm going to do a "Flashback Friday" to start the countdown to my big birthday, so there will be plenty of photo comparisons to come. For those of you who like that sort of thing, it'll be fun. For those who don't, you might want to skip my blog on Fridays until the end of February! :)


  1. Oh, wow! The resemblance is amazing.

  2. The resemblance is amazing; who knew I looked like Brandon!


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