Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Missing Toys

The other day I noticed that Mackenzie's collection of balls for this toy were missing. When I say collection I mean there are 3 different sets of balls that she plays with on the spiral thing.
There should be 12 total and I could only find 2! I found 1 stuck in another toy and 1 in her toy bin. Then I looked under the entertainment center:

I looked under the coffee table:
despite this picture, I did find 1.

We keep the coffee table next to the fireplace to block the opening from Mackenzie, so I looked there:

I had found 5 out of 12 balls and had no clue where the rest were. After looking in every room, under beds, in trashcans, in closets, I was at a loss of where they could be. I started double checking all of the places I had already looked and this time I took a closer look between the fire place and coffee table. I had to practically stick my head in the fire place and this is what I saw:
7 balls!

I then proceeded to dig all of them out and put them in her toy.
Now all is well, except that I've already had to dig them out again! Apparently, Mackenzie likes the sound the ball makes as it rolls across the table and drops into the hole!

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