Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Flashback - Week 4

Originally I planned this week to be me in Junior High, but I only found 1 picture in that time frame. I know there were pictures taken, I just don't have any at my house. Here is the lone Junior High picture.

I know I was in 8th grade here because I think this picture is a part of a series of pictures we took when I was in Home Economics and I had to cook and document a meal. The paper/presentation is probably in a box at my parents house with all of the other school stuff. I think I might need to get that soon.

Now onto high school!
How cute - a family portrait. :) I really do like this photo. I was a freshman in high school and what I didn't scan is the picture of just me and my brother with our Lion King stuffed animals. Yep, that's right, I was obsessed with Disney's The Lion King. I seem to recall that the it came out on VHS right around my birthday and I got mainly Lion King gifts. I know - I'm a dork.

In this picture I'm in 10th grade. I have always liked this picture because it is one of the few pictures I have of my Grandpa - my dad's dad. We went to Hot Springs Village to visit him and Grandma and had a lot of fun - see we are all smiling! It was the first time I had really gotten to talk to Grandpa - really talk. He wasn't really a kid person, so at age 16 I could finally carry on a serious conversation with him and I think we both really enjoyed it. I remember talking to him about wanting to be an architect and about going to Texas A&M. I remember him being very interested and giving me helpful hints about focusing on math and science. He died 2 years later, which is another reason why this picture is special.

Junior year - you can't really see it, but it's definitely a retro dress. Once again, fashion always comes back around.
Senior year - Prom Alternative. Our church always sponsored a "prom alternative" - a weekend for the high school seniors to go where ever they wanted to avoid the typical temptations Prom tends to focus on. There were 4 seniors that year and we all brought along dates and a young couple from church to be our chaperones. We chose to go to Corpus Christi and had a lot of fun.

Sorry, all of these pictures seem to be so far away, but I think I kind of preferred that when I was in high school. I didn't exactly have the best skin when I was that age. Most of the close up pictures clearly show the acne/redness that was my face. Only in the last couple of years since I started using ProActiv has my acne practically disappeared.

Ahh - Camp Bandina. Not my favorite place by any means, but I really enjoyed hanging out with my friends. The first picture is me with 3 of my close friends in high school. 2 of them were actually a bridesmaid and maid of honor in my wedding. The second picture is 2 of the same friends and a close friend of the family - Mrs. Gernand. If she reads my blog, she probably isn't going to like that I posted this picture. Sorry - that's what happens in flashbacks. :(

And my great find and picture of the week is of me and my "momma". I love it!


  1. What a cute picture of you and your mom!!

  2. enjoyed this many great memories of devos, bandina, sleep overs..can't believe that was 10+ years ago...sigh

    love 'ya and hope we see each other soon!


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