Friday, January 8, 2010

Flashback Friday

Eight weeks from tomorrow is my BIG birthday! In prepartion and/or acceptance of this occasion I decided to travel down memory lane and look back at the last THIRTY years. Don't worry, it won't be 30 posts about me. Although that's what this blog is essentially about. :)

Today we go all the way back to 1980!

Me and Papa circa 1980. These photos are from my Granny and Papa's albums that I scanned in while working on their 50th anniversary presentation. The top picture I look small as in newborn, but I also look fat. I don't know how old I actually am in that photo, but since I'm all swaddled up, I'm thinking I'm kind of young. I think I weighed around 8 pounds when I was born, so I guess that might explain the chubbiness if it is a newborn photo. I say I look chubby because compared to Mackenzie's newborn photo below, I'm much rounder in the face.

Next we skip to the year 1981 or 1982.
This is one of my favorite photos. I love that the '80s brown permeates in all aspects of life, including photo backgrounds! :) My hair kind of reminds me of Mackenzie's hair. It looks to be brushed down all the way from the back. Brandon did that with Mackenzie's hair the other day and I told him to part it and brush some of it to the side. He said he didn't want her looking like a boy, to which I replied, I part my hair on the side and I don't look like a boy. Obviously my hair is a lot longer now and people can clearly tell I'm a girl, but I think that can be said of Mackenzie as well.

Proof that the brown, orange, avocado and yellow of the 1980's are everywhere! The booster seat I'm sitting is one of those combo things that is also a step stool. I think I need to be in search of something like that for Mackenzie. I'm throwing in the photo below of Mackenzie just because we are both smiling at the camera while playing with a toy. I don't think we look very much alike in it, but who knows. I think Mackenzie has much more delicate features than I do - another reason why she doesn't look like a boy.

This last one is just for fun. When does it stop being ok to sit in your diaper/underwear and a flanel shirt and eat a chocolate bunny? :) Maybe that's what we'll do for Easter this year!

Hope you enjoyed the ride. Next week - my school photos! Aaaaaggggghhhhh!


  1. Fun post! I think we should all sit around Easter Sunday in our underwear and flanel shirts eating chocolate bunnies. After all, that's what Easter's about isn't it - the perfect Sunday outfit and candy?! Thank goodness no!

  2. Memory Lane is one of my favorite places! I lobe pics of you and Papa!!! And that one of you and your mom - so pretty!

    All of Brandon's worries about Mackenzie looking like a boy made me laugh because we always were paraniod of the boys looking like girls! And for the record, she is quite beautiful and non-boylike in all aspects! :)

  3. You were born on a Wednesday and the picture of Papa holding you was taken on the Saturday after you were born...very new indeed! The one where you were laying in his lap was about 6 weeks.

    I love that you are sharing these photos!

    Hugs, M

  4. The photo of you and your Momma is one of my alltime favorite photos! I love seeing the pics of Mackenzie with your pics. She really does look like you!

    I was so excited when you were born! Probably obnoxiously excited, because that was all I talked about. But I didn't really feel a personal connection with you until the first time I babysat you at about 4 months and you smiled at me. I had so much fun playing with you as you grew. It was like I finally had a baby sister, but she didn't live with me and get into my stuff. LOL! All of my friends in college knew every funny thing you did. They called me "Monda" because that's what you called me for awhile. Two of my friends even made me a "Monda" doll that looked like me (or so they thought). I'm looking forward to the flashing back!


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