Friday, January 22, 2010

Flashback Friday - Week 3

So this week we begin elementary school. For 1st through 6th grade I attended an elementary school that was right next to my neighborhood. I was literally 3 houses down from the sidewalk that led to the school. I remember all of my teachers very well, with the exception of my first grade teacher, who my mom says was absent a lot, hence the lack of memory. My 3rd grade teacher was by far my favorite - Mrs. Ashton. She eventually became the librarian and when I was in 6th grade, my best friend and I got to help in the library once or twice a week during our free period. Although we were still in elementary for 6th grade, we did change classes/teachers for each subject just like we would had we been in junior high. Some of my fondest memories are actually of my principal. Once a year he gave the teachers of each grade level an extra long lunch (each grade level on a separate day). He would then let all of the students of that grade sit in the hallway and watch a movie - always the Apple Dumpling Gang. I know it's silly and to be honest we probably only watched maybe half of the moview, but still - no school in the middle of the afternoon - woohoo! :)

Just so you know, I have these images scanned, but I don't know the time frame and since I never give myself enough time to ask my mom or granny about the picture - I'm always guessing the age/year.
The Christmas photo looks to be about 1986. I'm thinking I'm in first grade, possibly second. The white tights make me laugh. Is it an unwritten rule that children wear white tights and then as adults we shift to black? I'm curious because Mackenzie does have several pairs of white or off white tights and I just bought a pair of black tights the other day. By the way, I forgot how much tights can warm you up. I wore them with a dress and a skirt on 2 different occasions when it was chilly outside and both times I could tolerate the weather more than I would have with bare legs or hose.

This picture is taken at my granny and papa's house. I chose this one because it reminded me of all the times I used to spend the night at their house. They lived about 5 minutes away from us and I'm pretty sure I stayed over once a week. I had my own little drawer for my pajamas and I always slept on a pallet next to their bed. I would get to lay in their bed with them for a little while and then Granny would pat me and say "it's time to get down now" and of course I listened and got in my pallet and went to sleep.

This is what we called the never ending perm! I got it in 4th grade and finally cut it all off in 6th grade! Obviously by 6th grade the perm was in the latter half of my hair and the top half was straight. But this doesn't matter when you where your hair in a pony tail at the top of your head like I did in 1992! I guess I should have scanned in a picture of that, but just google early 90's hair trends and I'm sure similar pictures will appear.

Don't you just hate in when you match the patio furniture?! :)

And for my favorite and just for fun picture this week, I went back to baby pics. My cousin Brad is exactly 6 weeks older than me. Growing up we always played together at each other's houses and at Granny and Papa's. We are very different! This picture is just one of many differences, but it still applies today. I was always the pale one and Brad always tan!


  1. Oh my gosh! I died laughing about the outfit matching the patio furniture! So funny!! And look who is behind the baby picture of you and Brad. Me! How tan was I? I was a senior in high school, and got lots of tanning time. This life in review is fun.

  2. I agree...the patio furniture picture is hilarious. One item to mention in the last always wore socks with your sunsuits because you couldn't stand for your bare feet to touch one another! Even when you wore footie pajamas, at least one foot had a sock! Too much fun! I love your perspective.

  3. I totally look forward to Friday to see your Flashbacks!!! I had Mrs. Ashton too. She was wonderful! And reading about Mr. Myer made me sing "Mud, Mud, Mud" and "Be-Bop-a-Ross." When I started at Hyde with him, he sang "Be-Bop-a-Hyde" and I felt a little betrayed! :) Ross was a great school!!!

    And your perm!! My, oh my, I think we all made the bad choice of that hair style! I hope perms like that never come back in style! :)

    Love ya!


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