Friday, January 15, 2010

Flashback Friday - Week 2

It's that time again! Week 2 of Flashback Friday keeps us in the 1980's but focuses on my toddler years.
My Granny gave this photo to Brandon several years ago and it sits on our desk at home. It's probably not the first school/professional photo of me since I went to school/daycare early just like Mackenzie. I like the shirt and how it's basically an apron! This is about the time my hair stated getting darker as you'll see in the next few photos.

Awwww. Doesn't everyone take a book and read it while sitting on a tree stump when you are all dressed up? :) Love the red patten leather shows. I was actually trying to find some this last fall, but couldn't find any I liked.

I think I'm actually outside for this picture.

And now begins the portion of pictures where I look like I'm about to work out. So add these 2 picture to the number of times I've actually worked out and we might be up to 12 times total! :)

Not everyone can pull off those 2 looks! I actually had to go check Mackenzies clothes just now because I thought I bought her some pink pants that looked like the ones in the picture. They are solid pink and more of a ski pant than what looks to be a jogging suit, but they are similar. I guess trends really do come back around every 20-30 years.

And my just for fun picture. I stumbled apon this one and new exactly which one to match it to. So in the last ALMOST 30 years, it has snowed in Houston a handful of times. I think my mom probably has a picture of me when it snowed in 1989, but for now here are 2 of the other times - 1981 and 2004.

Thanks for flying back in time with me. Tune in next week for elementary days and yes, we'll still be in the 80's for most of it! :) I promise that eventually we'll get to the wonderful 90's soon.


  1. Cute pictures, Charlton!

  2. I see Mackenzie in these pictures!

  3. I remember the blue leotard days. You would come by Granny and Papa's after "koos" (School) and do your "ecker-cises". It was cute!


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