Saturday, January 23, 2010

Christmas 2009 - Part 2

I realized after this post, I never showed you the tree we finally bought.

It's a 4 foot prelit tree. We bought new ornaments (non breakable and no hooks) just for this tree as well. It was perfect for the little corner in our living room. Eventually the ornaments were at the top of the tree out of Mackenzie's reach, but for the most part she didn't mess with the tree.

This is Mackenzie opening her stocking. I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but I bought all of Mackenzie's stocking stuffers at Target for $12! I loved it and she liked everything as well - especially the animal crackers!

I had to buy her a xylophone because I've seen her play with the one at school a lot. She hasn't quite figured out how to hit the metal plates with the stick, so she just hits the keys with the stick or uses her hands. Either way it's cute.

This is her new chair that she loves. She loves to stand on it and climb on, but rarely sits on it! Go figure.

Her other large item is her car. She loves to be pushed around in it and has realized she can honk the horn with her hand and not just her foot!

For Christmas, my family always gathers at my Granny and Papa's house for lunch and gift exchange. This year there were 18 of us and it was a lot of fun. When Mackenzie found out this present was hers, she decided she needed to carry it around like a purse.
As you can imagine, 18 people in one house can add a little heat. By the time we left, Mackenzie was wearing just a onesie - forget the dress and tights!

Brandon's family came to town on Christmas day and stayed through the weekend. Unfortunately I left my camera at my Granny's, so I didn't take any pictures. Despite no pictures, we had a wonderful time. We decided to forgo the traditional Christmas meal and had a cajun meal instead. We ordered a Turduckin and Boudin and then made green beans and stewed okra. And of course there were wonderful desserts as well. It was all so delicious!

Finally, I finished my Christmas posts! I do have one more post about Mackenzie and my cousins daughter on Christmas day, but that will have to wait!

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