Saturday, January 23, 2010

Christmas 2009 - Part 1

My sister-in-law assured me that it wasn't too late to blog about Christmas. It's going to have to be in 2 parts because I have yet to download my pics from Christmas Day. These 2 pics are from the weekend before Christmas. I know I promised to post these before Christmas, but on Christmas Eve we took Mackenzie to the doctor and she had 2 ear infections and strep throat. Needless to say, I was a little busy before Christmas!

My mom bought Mackenzie 2 little crocheted hats and when we tried to put it on her she pushed it away and said, "noooooooo". I tried again the next day and she wore it without any issues. In fact, we went to the grocery store and she kept it on almost the entire time we were there. Below is her with the hat on. I think it would be cuter if her hair was longer or curly so that it stuck out a little more, but I think it's cute now too.

The funny thing about this picture is that if you look at the background close enought you might be able to see that she is sitting in a closet. Brandon's closet to be exact. Her little seat is an ammo holster and you can see a gun case behind her! Only in Texas or the South would you take a picture of your 15 month old sitting around guns and ammo! Don't worry, the guns aren't loaded and she's just sitting on the holster, not the ammo itself.

Another gift from my mom is a stuffed moose that looks sort of like a monkey! The hands have velcro on them so you can attach it around something. Apparently when my parents gave it ot her she wanted nothing to do with it. Are you noticing a trend?! A couple of nights later we attached the moose around Mackenzie's neck and she walked around with it for a while.

She knows how to take it off now, so she rarely lets it stay on her neck now. Hope you enjoyed Christmas in January. Stay tuned for part 2! :)

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