Thursday, January 28, 2010

16 months

I've been pretty good about taking Mackenzie's monthly photos until recently. Her 14 month photo happened when she was 14 1/2 months and her 15 month photo didn't happen at all! I did get this 16 month photo within a week of the 18th. I'm over the fact that she's in pajamas. If I had time to take the pictures in the morning then I would, but I don't, so they have to happen in the evenings or on weekends. Because her clothes are usually a mess at the end of the day, I opted for a pajama picture.

Since we are talking about the amount of time to take the pictures, I've decide to include the behind the scenes footage from our monthly photos! Enjoy!

This is why I can't take them in the morning before work. The good picture with her bear was the very first picture and the good picture with her elephant was after Brandon helped to get her to look at the camera. I guess it will only get worse. Gone are the days, and have been for quite some time, when she would just sit there and have her picture taken.

This post and the last post were on two separate nights within 20 minutes of her bedtime. Maybe the pajamas really are too bright for bed! :)

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  1. She has jazz hands and is doing a little kick in one picture! Maybe the girls will be in dance class together one day!


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