Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Long time, No blog

Wow! Two weeks is a long time not to blog. This morning I was asked to add a new blog post, so I decided to see what photos I had uploaded here at work and once again post about Mackenzie through pictures.

These first 2 are from the day before Thanksgiving when she stayed home with Brandon while I worked. There are 2 things about these photos that I want to point out. First, notice how she's in forward movement in the picture. You now have to be walking/running backward to get a picture of her. Second, have you noticed the pink sparkle dress shoes with the fleece pajamas? Apparently she really wanted to wear them and here daddy just can't say no. :)

This oven mitt that she's wearing in the first 3 photos is her new toy. I think the reason we took these photos is because this is one of the few times she has actually put the oven mitt on her hand. She likes to play with the oven mitt, but if I put it on my hand she freaks out. I guess when an oven mitt comes to life, it's a little scary for children! :)

This is sort of a follow up to the post about the magnets being thrown on the floor. During the Thanksgiving holiday when we were at home with Mackenzie for 5 days, I can't count the number of times we picked up all 36 magnets off the kitchen floor. At one point I caught her at least putting them in the case of water instead of scattered on the floor. Since that weekend, we have moved all of the letter and animal magnets to the top of the door where she can't reach them. Brandon gave her 1 letter and 2 animal pieces (for her 2 different magnet sets) and she still throws those 3 on the floor daily. Who knows when she'll get to know the rest of the alphabet! :) (BTW, the letters weren't moved up just because we didn't like picking them up. She actually stepped on one and fell down on the tile floor and they hurt my feet when I step on them as well.)

And finally, Mackenzie's new favorite napping place. We keep this pillow in the living room and she loves it. The last couple of weekends she has fallen asleep on the pillow for her morning and afternoon naps. Other than the fact that I can't be too loud around the house since she's in the living room, it's not too bad and she sleeps for at least an hour each time.

Well, I'm hoping to take/upload pictures of our Christmas tree, school pictures and other stuff tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be another 2 weeks before I post again - maybe more like 2 days!

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