Saturday, November 14, 2009

Random Things

So, I realize I haven't posted many updates on Mackenzie lately other than Halloween, so here's the last month in review!

Sweet smile!
We went to the park several weeks ago and she really liked it. She wasn't sure at first:
But after a while she came around. She even liked the slide.

This is what happens when I try to take a picture of the two of us. Can you tell she's trying to get free of my arms? :)
Crazy hair after a bath!
This next set of my pictures is one of my favorites! For the last 13 months I have not seen the portion of kitchen counter adjacent to my sink.
We have officially weened Mackenzie off the bottle! She's been drinking from a sippy cup for 4 or 5 months, but when it came to milk, she still wanted a bottle. Then we got her to drink milk from a sippy cup every time except for her morning bottle. Finally 2 weeks ago she drank her morning milk from a sippy cup. Last Saturday night I washed bottles for the last time! Woo hoo! And now I have my kitchen counter back!

Ever since my aunt Rhonda bought Mackenzie her pink bunny/blanket/lovee, she has loved it. She sleeps with it at night and I almost always take it with us when we go somewhere just in case. Last Saturday, Mackenzie and I ran errands all morning and on the way home she fell asleep. When we got home I couldn't resist taking a picture. She has fallen asleep like this, with her bunny in her mouth many, many times!

This week, Mackenzie decided she didn't want the magnets to stay on the refrigerator. I didn't even realize what she was doing until she was halfway through. One by one, she took every letter and farm animal off the fridge and threw it on the floor.
yes, that's 26 letters and 10 animal magnets on the floor!

And my final random review of Mackenzie is her favorite phrase right now - "uh oh". I have no pictures/videos but she is so cute when she says it. Today one of her toys rolled under the tv stand and she looked up at us and said "uh oh". Also this morning in the bathtub she was playing with the faucet when I heard her say "uh oh" twice. This was then followed by her peeing in the tub! That officially ended the bath! :) I guess this could be a good sign that maybe she'll be easy to potty train right? :)

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