Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Every weekday, when my phone clock reads 12:00, I immediately open Firefox and go straight to Facebook. This might seem normal to some of you,but when I go to Facebook, I'm going mainly to play games! At first I played Pet Society and a wold geography game, but then I found Restaurant City. Recently (in the last 2 weeks) I've become addicted to...wait for it...My zoo and School of Wizardry (Harry Potter game). Yes, I realize this makes me a complete dork, but I can't seem to help myself! They are so addicting because its not just a simple card/dice game that ends every few minutes. These are all games that require days, months of playing (if it actually ever ends) because you are constantly saving up money, energy, supplies to complete the next challenge and move to the next level. For the last 2 mornings I've even found myself playing games at 5:30 in the morning after I've had my shower! What is wrong with me?! I told Brandon this morning that he needs to keep me off the computer tonight so that I can actually iron, clean and in general keep the house tidy. In all honesty my obsessions come and go. For this month I'll be constantly playing games at lunch and in the evenings. Next month will probably be Christmas cards and after that ...reading or who know what. I know most of you don't play the same facebook games as me otherwise I'd see your name on my friends list for that game, but do you have other meaningless obsessions that take over your free time?

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  1. I feel kind of bad for recently slamming the FB games (mainly those silly quizzes) in one of my posts. Sorry! Hope I didn't offend! I've only seen Farmville and Mafia Wars and Bejewled Blitz, but never played.

    I can understand these obsessions (for me blogging and Twitter)--they're FUN--but do zap the time.

    :( Boo.


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