Monday, November 2, 2009

Better than last year!

Last year at Halloween, Mackenzie was 6 weeks old and her glow worm costume did NOT go over well with her. I don't think I have a single picture with out her crying while wearing the costume. This year went much better, but it did take some planning ahead. Last sunday/monday she wouldn't touch the costume and didn't want it near her. We left it on the couch/floor with all her toys all week and by mid week she would at least touch it. Firday was her party at school and she could have worn her costume but I was concerned she might not wear it on Saturday if she hated it on Friday. She wore this instead:

On Saturday we went to my parents' house and went trick or treating (really just one house) in their neighborhood. Mackenzie actually stayed in her costume for quite a while and seemed to enjoy it. I think she really just enjoyed walking around on my parents' tile floor with or with out a costume.

She of course had some more M&M's after trick or treating and then my dad pulled out the big treat for Mackenzie - Dreyers DIBS ice cream treat. If you haven't had any, they are chocolate covered ice cream bites and they are DELICIOUS! Mackenzie feels the same way and would stare and practically yell at me if I didn't give her her half of the bite quick enough! Once again, there isn't anything she'll turn down - especially chocolate/sweets! Hope everyone had a great Halloween. I'm still enjoying the left over candy here in teh office. I might be enjoying it a little too much! :)

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  1. She looks sweet in her costume! I'm glad she warmed up to it. :)


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