Friday, October 30, 2009

Christmas Card Dilema

Brandon/Charlton's Christmas card history:

Year 1 Christmas - I bought a box of Christmas cards and mailed them out
Year 2 Christmas - I made half of the cards and bought half of the cards
Years 3 through 7 - I made all of my Christmas cards (with my mom's help of course)
Year 8 - I went cheap and easy and sent the picture post card of Mackenzie

Now we've reached year 9 and I don't know what to do - store bought? hand made? picture post card? letter? I feel like I can eliminate the letter because I don't think we have done anything real interesting all year to warrant an 8 1/2 x 11 page letter. The picture post card is nice, but I can't write anything on them and I like to write a small note in my christmas cards. I like hand made cards, but it can be very time consuming. I like store bought cards, but I can't always find cards that I just absolutely love. Deep down I know what I'm going to do...but talking about it makes it a little bit of an easier decision. Most likely I'll do a hand made card (simple I hope) and insert a picture of Mackenzie and/or us. With that said, I guess I have 1 dilema down, now onto the next...designing my card. It looks like I need to go to my mom's house for ideas once again! :)

What is everyone else doing for Christmas cards? Have you even thought about it or is it way too early and I'm just crazy! :)


  1. I actually bought mine at Hobby Lobby in January at a MAJOR markdown. Now I just hope I still like them when I get them out.
    I was just thinking about you. I was near the galleria all by myself at lunchtime and thinking if I had planned ahead maybe we could have met for lunch on your lunchhour.

  2. Um,....are you serious about not having enough to say to fill a letter!!?? Do you not READ your own blog??? You have more than enough...

  3. I, too, LOVE the handmade cards - but time is not my friend these days. We are going picture postcards...hope you like the one you get!!! :)

  4. My heart loves handmade with a note, but picture postcards are soooo easy and still nice.


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