Friday, September 11, 2009

Looooong Week!

Last weekend started out just fine - on Saturday Mackenzie and I went to the mall, we came home and had lunch with Brandon and we all took an afternoon nap. Later that night we had family portraits taken and went to dinner. While we were out, I thought Mackenzie felt a little warm so when we got home I took her temperature and sure enough she had a fever. By Sunday afternoon/evening her fever was 104, so we took her to the local urgent care facility where she tested positive for the flu! They even took a vile of blood (which she absolutely hated) to send it off for testing of H1N1. Sunday night and Monday we spent giving her tylenol and motrin to keep the fever down. I took her to the pediatrician on Tuesday for a followup appointment where she said Mackenzie had an ear infection because of all the drainage. So for the last few days she's been taking tylenol for the fever, benedryl for the runny nose/drainage and antibiotics for the ear infection. She is just like me and hates medicine. She has already learned to purse her lips and not let me stick the dropper in her mouth. Yesterday the fever finally went away and her drainage is definitely clearing up. She only has 2 more days on her antibiotics, so hopefully we are nearing the end of this illness. I'll be glad when she is back to her normal self. Her appetite is already close to normal, but she still rejects juice which she usually loves. I think she might think it's the pedialite that she didn't like.
I've been at home with her all week which I like, except for the fact that she's sick! I don't know how often I actually had palettes on the floor growing up, but for some reason I feel like I had them all the time. Because of this I felt the need to make her her her first palette. She seemed to really enjoy it, so it's been there all week. I've washed my hands I don't know how many times this week. I've done laundry a couple of times, which is unusual because I normally only do it on the weekend. Today and this weekend my mission is to clean, clean, clean! We need to make sure all of the flu cooties are gone before her big birthday next week! The real crazy thing about all of this is that in a week and a half, Mackenzie will have her 1 year check up and will get her vaccinations including the flu shot! Her doctor said she's still going to give her a flu shot so that she doesn't get it again this season. I think next year I'll be giving her a flu shot when I first see the signs offering flu shots! Be careful everyone it's flu season!!!!

PS - we never received a call from the clinic which means she didn't have the H1N1 virus.


  1. Yuck. Sounds like it's been "one of those weeks" for lots of people. Glad her fever is gone and that she's feeling better. Poor girl.

  2. Aww no fun! I'm sorry it's been rough over there. Glad to hear things are looking up.

  3. I'm so sorry she was sick! If you ever need someone to stay home with her when either of you can't just give me a call. I'm only working Thurs. and Fridays.
    I'm glad she will be better for her birthday party.


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