Friday, September 18, 2009

1 year ago

One year ago today Brandon and I packed our suitcase and headed off to the hospital. Before we left we took on last belly shot:
At about 12:30, I walked into the operating room and at 1:24pm, Mackenzie Lauren Meyers was born! These were her stats:
From this:

To this:
This is her first present from us. She obviously didn't quite understand the concept of opening a present, but she did rip a couple of pieces.
The puzzle was a big hit and she'll get another one tonight! :)

She actually got her first birthday gift yesterday evening from her Uncle Casey and Aunt Virginie. It is a 3 little pigs playset. She absolutely loved them and actually fell asleep in my arms holding the wolf and one of the pigs.
She even thought they were still fun this morning! Thanks Casey and Virginie!



  1. Happy 1st Birthday beautiful little girl!

  2. Happy first birthday Mackenzie! I know it's been a great first year for all three of you!

    Talking to you this morning made me get really excited for Liz's first birthday. I know things are coming soon for us when they happen for Mackenzie! :)

  3. You're very welcome. Have a happy birthday Mackenzie!

  4. She is starting to lose some of that "baby" look. Happy birthday Mackenzie!


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