Wednesday, September 9, 2009


For some reason I felt the need to post on this date. I read a little blurb from one of my friends on facebook about how this is the last single digit date for many years to come. That's probably not technically correct since 2009 isn't a single digit, but it sounds cool. The date got me thinking about all the dates we remember. I'm talking calendar dates, not romantic dates, although some of them might have been romantic dates. We, or at least I, remember lots of dates: birthdays (2/27, 5/23, 9/18, 8/11, 6/5, 4/20...); anniversaries - mine and others (6/9, 3/19, 4/26...); holidays (7/4, second sunday in May, third sunday in June, 4th thursday in November...) etc...

I don't always remember the year with the dates I remember, but some years stick with you:
4/26/86 - my mom married my dad (biologically not my dad - but in all other aspects, he IS my dad
8/8/88 - my dad "adopted" me so that I would have his last name - if you are ever looking for a funny story, ask me about how my brother thought I was adopted
1/7/00 - Brandon proposed
6/9/01 - Brandon and I were married
1/16/08 - found out I was pregnant
9/18/08 - Mackenzie born

Other dates I remember the year and the approximate date, but not the actual date:
Early March 1998 - grandfather passed away
Tuesday before Thanksgiving 2000 - my great grandmother passed away
Wednesday before Thanksgiving 2005 - my great grandfather passed away
Since these appear to be all related to deaths, I'm thinking my grief must cover the actual date in my mind.

I just think it's strange that on top of all the dates we remember, we also remember current dates for appointments and activities, plus we add new memories every year. I wonder how many more dates I will have memorized in 10 more years? Do you ever feel the need to right them all down? What if you got amnesia or some sort of memory loss - not everyone knows every date you know or remember. Besides my mom (who can remember the day of the week, the date, year and time), does anyone else feel like they are carrying so many dates around in their head?
Thanks for reading my ramble - maybe now you'll remember 9/9/09 for the day I went on and on about dates! :)

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  1. Thanks for the laugh. With my random memory I probably will associate 9-9-9 with you!
    I read in Dear Abby recently about a lady that had been having a themed celebration for 2/2/2, 3/3/3, and was planning to continue on through 12/12/12. I thought it sounded fun.


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