Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I feel like I move from one weekend to the next. It's always about what I'm doing on Saturday and Sunday. Monday through Friday are the same:
5:30 wake up
6:00 feed Mackenzie
6:30 leave for work
7:30-4:30 work
5:30 pick up Mackenzie from school
6:30 dinner
7:00 give Mackenzie a bath
8:00 put Mackenzie to bed
9-10 put myself to bed

While the weekend still unfortunately includes feeding Mackenzie at around 6 or 6:30, it offers variation in the rest of the day. Each weekend I seem to plan some sort of "event or large task. I rarely have an open weekend (all my own doing - I know). Last weekend - hair appt. and life groups at our house. This weekend - lunch for my moms' 50th birthday. Next weekend - family portraits. I just looked at my calendar and was going to say taht I actually had nothing planned on Saturday Sept 12, but then I remembered I'm taking a meal to my friend who just had an adorable baby girl. While none of these "events" are real big, they still involve a little thought and planning. ie: what to wear, what tiem to leave, who's watching Mackenzie, what to pack in the diaper bag...
All week long I pretty much tink abou the weekend and what I need to do or where I need to go. Then the weekend comes and goes and I'm left thinking abou the next weekend! Does anyone else seem to live life this way? Please tell me I'm not alone! :)

*P.S. While my mom's lunch is no longer a surprise to her, the invitees are...shhhhh! :)

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  1. Happy Groundhog Day!!! Do you remember that movie? Where every day he woke up and things were the same. Lots of times life can seem that way, especially with little ones on a schedule, but it gets better. A few years ago, almost every morning I'd tell my husband "Happy Groundhog Day", but now it's just occasionally. ha


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