Thursday, August 6, 2009

Eating, Eating, Eating

When I drop off or pick up Mackenzie from school, her teachers tell me how good and how much she eats at school. Apparently the other day she ate "a lot" of her teacher's quesadillas, "a lot" of noodles (don't know what kind), and "a lot" of yogurt melts. This was all after eating her own lunch I brought her (2 big containers of baby food). After that her teachers might not want to share their lunch with Mackenzie anymore! At home the night before she had eaten her green beans and shells 'n cheese when I decided to let her try some strawberry yogurt for dessert. She ate the ENTIRE container! She loves strawberry yogurt! I only bought one of 5 different flavors, so it looks like I need to go back and buy some more strawberry. She's tried the peach and pear flavors and has eaten them, but over the course of 2 meals, not one. I'm really glad that she likes her food and tries everything. I realize she's only 10 1/2 months and can't talk back to tell me she doesn't want to try something, but for now she's eating it all! I hope she stays that way and doesn't become a picky eater like her momma! :)

I'll try and post a couple of pictures tonight when I get home of her eating. Last night she had spaghetti and of course, you know me, I didn't let her get too messy with the pasta but she did manage to get spaghetti sauce all over her hands, face and a little in her hair.

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  1. She is a good eater! I have some whole milk organic vanilla and banana flavors yogurt. Liz looks at me like - You expect me to eat this? You are more than welcome to what we have or else it will end up on the trash.


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