Friday, July 17, 2009

On the move - sort of

So for the past month or more, Mackenzie has been scooting around backwards when she's on her tummy. When I put her down, I put toys all around her including behind her because I know she'll eventually scoot backwards and then rotate around to play with it. That is until yesterday! Yesterday after she and I were playing around on our bed, I thought she might be wanting to actually crawl on her hands and knees. When I put her down she stayed on her hands and knees (usually she immediately falls to her belly) and then actually inched forward. She didn't crawl with her belly off the ground but she did army crawl. Based on how everything seems to progress so fast from day to day (almost sitting up one day - sitting up perfectly the next or unable to put the food in her mouth one day - to perfectly self feeding the next), I'm thinking today or tomorrow she will be everywhere! One of my co-workers said to baby proof our house now - because he also thinks she'll be mobile very soon! While I know our lives are about to change/get hectic once she starts crawling, I'm really excited for us and her especially! I took video of her yesterday, but I didn't bring it to work. :) Maybe I'll get around to learning how to upload our videos to the blog this weekend!


  1. Yay Mackenzie! It's so exciting! Liz just started her army crawl on Monday and is now on all fours rocking back and forth. I think it's hilarious. I can only imagine when we get them together next weekend what they'll be like! :)

  2. That is exciting! I remember Beck army crawling. I don't think he ever crawled any other way. Went from that to pulling up and then walking. Wait until you walk into her room one morning and she is standing up holding on to the crib. It will freak you out!


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