Friday, July 24, 2009

Anniversary trip 2 years away!

Brandon and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary in June. At our anniversary dinner we discussed what we might want to do for our 10 year anniversary. I said that I wanted to go to London, but Brandon said that there are plenty of cities in the States that we've never been too. I agreed and had him name a place outside of Texas that he would want to visit. He replied with Boston and I accepted! What he doesn't know is that is now a binding verbal contract - we WILL go to Boston! (Aubrey help me out!) :) I figure we'll not only celebrate our 10 year anniversary, but his graduation from Grad school. Just thinking about our trip in 2 years makes me want to start planning now. I'm not kidding about planning for 2 years. You should have seen the stuff I prepared for New York 2 years ago. I think my Momma and Granny thought I was crazy, but if you are ever going to NYC for the first time, I have lots of stuff! :) So with all of this in mind, I started thinking about other cities/places that I would love to visit in the US. Below is my wishlist in no particular order:

NYC - again
Chicago - again
San Diego
San Fransisco
Grand Canyon
Niagra Falls
Disney World
Las Vegas
Mount Rushmore
Washington DC - again
Myrtle Beach

Does anyone have any other places they recommend? Keep in mind we are an architect and contractor, so cities with a history and wonderful architecture would be great!

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  1. You must give a Saturday afternoon to the chocolate buffet at the Langham...never been, but drooled over it on the travel channel several times.

    That, and Flour's bakery sticky buns. You must eat one and tell me all about it. I've watched that Throwdown at least five times...sometimes in slowmo.


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