Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sick Girl

This is a face of a sick girl:
Mackenzie started getting a low grade fever on Saturday evening and we thought she was teething, so we gave her medicine and put her to bed. Around midnight she woke up wide awake and at 1:00 am, Brandon let her play in her exersaucer while he played on the internet. They both went to bed around 3:00am. When she woke up at 6:00 on Sunday morning she still had a fever. The fever hung around and reached it's peak at 101.6. By Monday morning it was down to 99.4 and she seemed somewhat back to normal. Since we thought it was teething, we warned her school, but still dropped her off. At 2:30 they called to say her temperature was 102.4. Brandon took her to the doctor and they diagnosed her with Strep Throat. Apparently it's rare in babies, but obviously can happen.

Today her temperature hasn't been higher than 99.6, but she has a slight rash.
I'm watching this rash and trying not to over react to the internet websites describing rashes and strep throat as Scarlett Fever. As far as I can tell, her rash isn't exactly what they describe and since she's on antibiotics now, I assume it can only get better. So, today I'm at home taking care of her and this is what we've done so far:

Medicine - Lots of medicine!
We hung out in the bed and watched some TV.
We played in our walker.
We of course had some mommy and me time (notice the rash that looks sort of like a sunburn)
And currently we are doing this!
I have business trip tomorrow, so if she's still not feeling well, it looks like Mackenzie will have some one-on-one time with her daddy!

*To Erin and Liz, I apologize if you get sick. We really just thought she was teething!*


  1. Poor thing! I hope she gets better soon. And hope you and Brandon don't get sick too.

  2. I got your message this morning. I'm so sorry she's sick. Poor girl. Don't worry about us - I'll just keep an eye on Liz. Thanks for the heads-up and we're praying she's well enough to go to school tomorrow! She looks very sweet in that last picture. :)

  3. I'm sorry she's been sick!

    Don't search anymore online and get freaked out--yikes!

    Hope she's better SOON. She still looks happy in her pics. :)


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